We Moved!

New mailing address for OAOR: P.O. Box 1748, Sandy OR, 97055
New physical address: 38730 Hwy 211, Sandy, OR  97055
We look forward to seeing you in Sandy! All are welcome!




Anumodana to all for their generosity and support at PahBah!


Phrawoody will be teaching and traveling with Luang Por Jamnian until the new year. Phrasam and Phraamporn will remain at OAOR. If you would like to volunteer, offer a meal, or have questions, please email us or contact Phrasam at: 971 263-5705 or 206-518-7089.


Please note: OAOR is in the process of seeking a conditional use permit from Clackamas County for public activities. As a consequence, we have been required to suspend onsite events open to the general public until we receive approval. Our current onsite activity will be limited to offering guidance, support, and small private teachings and gatherings that will not be announced to the general public. For additional information, please email us or contact Phrasam at: 971-263-5705.


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